Kozmo.com is an Internet company with business model to deliver packages around the city in New York and London. It ceased its operation in 2 years.



Urbanfetch.com is an Internet company with business model to deliver packages around the city in New York and London. It ceased its operation in a year.


AT&T service has gone local set contains of 12 metrocards. There are essentially just 2 types of design: black and white with stylized intersection of two streets (AT&T local service and Now in N. Y.) and colourful with night scene of Times Square. There are two types of messages on those cards: ‘Order now and get 11 subway rides’ and ‘Order now and get a 20 min. AT&T prepaid card’.

Initially cards came with a little disclaimer in the bottom of the metrocard: ‘Offer expires March 31, 2000′.

Second batch of this set came with exactly the same design and messages but with Spanish version as well and offer was now expires on both versions on May 31, 2000.

The Early Show

Another TV network foray into advertisement on metrocard. This time it is CBS Channel 02 with The Early Show with Briant Gumbel and Jane Clayson.


This card is an advertisement for Altoids mints. It features iconic image of top of tint box of altoids mints.

Circulation is 500,000.


This is very rare metrocard with circulation of just 10,000. It was sponsored by American Express and was given to its employees at Christmas time of 1999. It has never been sold at any of MTA booths or authorized retailers.

Each card has been stamped on the very top where there is legal statement from MTA: Subject to applicable tariffs and conditions of use.

Card is black and white and features image of Broadway, N. Y. A. T. Stewart dry goods store Christmas parade of the Expressmen of New York, 1851.


This metrocard so-called upside-down features advertisement from American Express to promote new credit card BLUE with chip inside. It had circulation of 1,000,000 and many different expiration dates. It has also 2 different versions of slightly different colours.

First colour variation:


Second colour variation:


Just in time for new school year Citibank sponsored metrocard to advertised MasterCard as the only other
card a student needs. Metrocard features MasterCard image with Citibank logo and had circulation of 700,000.


Dial 101-6868 set

Dial 101-6868 set contains of 4 metrocards and advertised long distance calls from company www.pt-1.com. Each card was sold separately and there are many different expiration dates for each in the set. Each card features portrait of a person of one of the main races in New york: African-American (woman) circulation of 500,000, Asian (man) circulation of 625,000, Hispanic (woman), Caucasian (woman).


Conseco Insurance set

Conseco Insurance company set of 3 metrocards issued in 1999 with circulation of 1,000,000. Each car was sold separately and there are know cards with different expiration dates. All cards have dark green background and message printed on top.