Diesel fashoin brand

Diesel fashion brand promotional metrocard “Fits better with running late – Go with the flow”

Card on front has list of Diesel stores in Manhattan.


Poetry card with poem by Galway Kinnell Hide-and-seek.


Metrocard to promote Marvel’s Defenders on Netflix


Another metrocard from Poetry series, Ada Limon ‘A Name’.


IPMG sponsored mertocard to promote there edokia.com web site with the slogan ‘Learn Work Play’.


Health care insurer Empire BlueCross BlueShield sponsored double sided metrocard.


American Planning Association held a conference in New York, and Sponsor Woods & Poole Economics provided 7-days unlimited metrocard to all participants.

Woods & Poole

Twin Peaks

There is nothing I could say, but these 4 cards are great addition to MTA metrocards collection. 2017 marks return of cult TV mini series Twin Peaks now on Showtime. And Showtime decided to commemorate this event by releasing 4 cards featuring main characters Laura Palmer and Dale Cooper.

Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper


Dale Cooper


Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer

Supreme metrocard

Supreme skateboards & related gear, sneakers & house-brand streetwear store metrocard was issued and originally distibuted only in Soho store with long lines to buy those cards. After a week cards were available in many subway stations however were taken very quickly and on the first day at some locations there were fights to buy those cards. The reason is very simple, people started to sell them online on ebay and many earned lots of money.


MTA finally celebrated opening 2nd avenue subway with 3 new stations. There was also 100% matching metrocard holder given out during previews on each station and during New Year celebration at 72nd street station.