Supreme metrocard

Supreme skateboards & related gear, sneakers & house-brand streetwear store metrocard was issued and originally distibuted only in Soho store with long lines to buy those cards. After a week cards were available in many subway stations however were taken very quickly and on the first day at some locations there were fights to buy those cards. The reason is very simple, people started to sell them online on ebay and many earned lots of money.


MTA finally celebrated opening 2nd avenue subway with 3 new stations. There was also 100% matching metrocard holder given out during previews on each station and during New Year celebration at 72nd street station.


Poetry by Nelson

MTA and Poetry Society of America produced metrocard with Poem Strange beautiful woman by Marilyn Nelson


Poetry by Snyder

MTA and Poetry Society of America produced metrocard with Poem Here by Gary Snyder


Seamless food delivery service advertisement.


Berkeley College

Another advertisement by college, this time by Berkeley College which has branch in New York.

Card is scarce to find.


Destroyed by hurricane Sandy house on Rockaways beach was transformed as art installation by Katharina Grosse.


Newest variation of ‘If you see something, say something’ campaign which was featured photos of New Yorkers people who said something.

There are 2 versions – English and Spanish.



MTA and Poetry Society continue to produce metrocards with some poetry. This card features poetry by Handal Nathalie “Lady Liberty”


Islanders team moved to play in Brooklyn at Barclays Center. Card features image of captain John Tavares.