New York Cancer Project set contains of 2 metrocards one in English and another in Chinese. Both features images of beautiful child. Message on the card says: Join thousands of New Yorkers in groundbreaking research study to help conquer cancer. We need just an hour of your time, whatever your health status.


Emigrant Savings Bank 2nd set contains of 10 metrocards, each sold separately and each had circulation of 600,000.

Cards have images of Italian immigrants playing bocce in Brooklyn in 1937, Chinese girls at Grace Faith Church in 1937, Dominican dancers performing in 2000, James Hayden with Irish Memories Stage Revue in 1940 (this card has 2 versions of colour: B&W and sepia), Don Avlon Greek dance group in 1935, Puerto Rican day parade in 1963 (this card has 2 versions of colour: B&W and sepia), Polish girls at the Polaski Day parade in 1939 (this card has 2 versions of colour: B&W and sepia), Jewish Passover Seder in 1936, Indian woman from Hyderabad, West Indian Day parade in 1954.

There was matching leaflet published at the same time.

US Open Tennis Tournament 2000 set contains of 4 metrocards. All cards have been sponsored by American Express. There was an announcement from MTA that some MVM could sell metrocards with autographs of players featuring on the card.

There are Lindsay Davenport, Martina Hingis, Patrick Rafter and Michael Chang features on those cards.


Here are autographed metrocards:



DLJDirect was subsidiary of big investment firm DLJ. This metrocard has a message: You can get anywhere on the subway for $1.50 > Too bad all investments aren’t that simple.

DLJDirect was sold to TD Waterhouse.


New York Philharmonic set contains of 2 metrocards and has been sponsored by Time Warner. One card has a schedule of all summer concerts in all 5 boroughs plus Long Island and Westchester. Another one advertised concert in Central Park at Great Lawn.


Circle Line Cruises

Metrocard has being promoting newest ships for Circle Line Crfuises in New York: Beasts. It has a slogan: Escape the everyday, ride the beast.

This metrocard shares leaflet with Lincoln Center Festival metrocard.

There are known metrocards with different expiration dates.


This metrocard was promoting Lincoln Center festival and Mostly Mozart festival both hold at the same venue – Lincoln Center.

This metrocard and Circle Line issued at the same time share the same leaflet.


Subway series 2000 was held on July 7,8,9 2000. This time around all 4 metrocards feature only players from Mets team. Set was sponsored by MasterCard. Each card has a similar design and features one of the leading Mets players: Mike Piazza, Mike Hampton, Rey Ordonez, Armando Benitez. There was also published matching leaflet. set

Another Internet age company which ceased to exist. Company suppose to deliver info to cell phones. It was just a little bit ahead of time. Set contains of 2 cards.

One card says: Stock quotes and news headlines beamed to your mobile phone or pager free from And it shows screen of mobile phone with fake news: Backstreet Boys announce IPO* — analysts say will outperform Yahoo.

Another card says: Real time sports headlines and scores beamed to your mobile phone or pager free from And it shows mobile phone screen with fake news: Yankees 4 Mets 8 Yankees say: “We let Mets win out of pity”.


Net2phone set

Net2phone set contains of 3 metrocards advertising phone calls routed through the Internet. Each card has similar design and the difference if the phone number you need to call to connect to specific country.