Train of Thought Set

Another black and white series introduced in 2009: “Train of Thought” sponsored by New York Times and WQXR radio also owned by NYT. Each card has a quotation from famous writer or thinker.

Since NYT sold radio station WQXR Jeopardy! ABC7 show start sponsoring this series.

All together there are 26 cards already. Quotations from Shakespeare, Einstein, Elliot, Donne, Kafka, Poincare, Darwin, Lincoln, Kant, Morison, Arnold, Chuang Tzu, Herodotus, Nietzsche, Poincare, Howe, Wilde, Greeley, Whitman, Emerson, Khatun, Boethius.

The last cards have different sponsors: Jeopardy! ABC7 stays as a sponsor, but New York Times dropped out and was replaced by New York Public Library and The Humanities Initiative at NYU.

It was very obvious choice to start this series with quotation from Shakespeare.

Transit Facts Series

MTA issued metrocards with some facts about subway system. Series was named ‘Transit Facts’.

This MetroCard promoted exhibition Madagascar at Bronx Zoo and gave $5 off regular price of ticket.

Matching leaflet has been published too.


In June 2008 MTA introduced ‘Select Bus Service’ first in the Bronx on route Bx12 LTD. It allows customers to pay for the ride on the bus stop rather than in the bus itself which suppose to speed up boarding of passengers. Later the same service was introduced in Manhattan and there are plans to do the same in other boroughs.


Direct Deposit

This MetroCard has advertised direct deposit and was sponsored by Card was distributed only in Downtown area subway stations and has lower number of circulation.


Earth Day 2008 set

Earth Day 2008 celebration in April was commemorated with set of 5 metrocards with distinguish green colors on both sides of metrocard (on regular metrocards front side has MertoCard in gold color). Set has circulation of about 1,000,000. MTA motto has been slightly changed: Going your way – greener.

NFL Draft 2008

This metrocard advertised NFL Draft 2008 held in Radio City Music Hall on April 26-27. It has motto: Believe in NOW. Card was sponsored by EA Sports (Electronic Arts Company).



This MetroCard has been issued to promote web site and been distributed only in Chelsea area subway stations. Area is famous in New York for high concentration of LGBT members. Card does not have big circulation and was quickly sold out.


Chase bank promoted with this metrocard usage of its debit or credit card at metrocard vending machines. Card has matching leaflet. Chase repeated this campaign twice during 2008, but only one card is known has been released.


In the end of 2008 famous Triboro Bridge connecting 2 boroughs the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens has been renamed after Robert F. Kennedy. There is quote from his speech printed on the card “Dream things that never were and ask, why not?”. Metrocard has also reference to RFK foundation web site