Wells Fargo Bank

This metrocard has been sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank and distributed on the streets of Manhattan near branches of former Wachovia bank acquired by Wells Fargo on the day when all has been finalized and branches were renamed. I assume that there not many cards have been made and card will be fairly rare.

Distributed card has one ride ($2.25) encoded on it. Cards have been given out in matching folder. There is also a matching subway map of Manhattan and location of Wells Fargo branches in this NYC borough.

I would like to thank representatives of Wells Fargo bank for their help to acquire this set.


MTA recently started new advertisement campaign with posters all over the place – in buses, trains, stations, MTA web site and etc. That campaign is about how good MTA really is and how quickly it reacts to problems and etc.

All metrocards reflect one of those posters.

First one: Can our buses go faster? You bet. This is about bus only lanes on many streets of the city with restrictions for other vehicles to use.
Second: MTA.info now has more info.
Third: Our apps are whiz kid certified.
Fourth: Improvements don’t just happen
Fifth: A city is only as good as its transit system (How funny this sentence is. NYC transit system is not as good as any Japanese is.)
Sixth: There’s safety in numbers
Seventh: Isn’t nice to know when your train will come?

Transit Museum set

MTA started this series as promotion for Holiday season in 2010 and continue still. Original cards had circulation of 1 million.

Safari 7

Safari 7 metrocard and matching leaflet have been released in April 2010 as part of Earth Day celebration. There are more information about Earth Day celebration on related web site.


Earth Day 2010

As it was the case for the last 3 years MTA issued yet again green color metrocards to commemorate 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.

This year series contains of 5 cards. Total number of cards in circulation is 2 million.

All cards have link to sustainability.

Get $100 from Chase

New card came out in March 2010 features Chase bank offer $100 if customer opens Chase checking account and making at least 5 purchases of Metrocards at MVM using Chase Debit Card.

There was another Chase offers already on metorcards. See: this and this.


JC Penney

JC Penney department store on 33rd Street and 6th Avenue sponsored this metrocard as featured coupon $10 off of $50 or more purchase. Card is red color background to remind everyone that this is Greeting Season – Christmas time. Card was available at many stations MVM as well as at booths.


In 2010 MTA introduced new design for metrocard purchased at JFK connection subway stations: Sutphin Blvd/Archer Ave and Howard Beach. The run of this metrocard is 10 million. However, since then MTA issued the same card with variations color, font, phone number and etc.






Earth Day 2009

In repetition of 2008 Earth Day celebration in 2009 MTA issued series of 4 metrocards with very similar design as in 2008. More over, MTA used the same images on those metrocards as last year , only text is different and size of images used. Another difference is that this year it was 4 metrocards and last year series contains of 5 cards.

Another promotional metrocard to push people to use public transportation to get to sport events, in this case to Giants stadium in New Jersey at Meadowlands.

It looks like that card was in short supply, it could be that it was a very limited edition.