MTA celebrates Centennial of Grand Central Terminal.


Nick Cave Heard – NY

MTA continues to sponsor arts in subways and buses. On week of March 25-31, 2013 there is Nick Cave art installation and performance on Grand Central Terminal – “Nick Cave Heard – NY”. This installation was built as part of GCT Centennial celebration.


Artist Nick Cave was kind enough to autograph metrocard during the first performance:

Nick Cave

Nick Cave

Metrocard features clock on top of the Grand Central Terminal building as viewed from Park Avenue South facing building. Card has been issued as part of Centennial celebration of GCT.


Earth Day 2013

MTA re-issued set of 5 green metorcards from 2010 with new info for customer service contact.

Simple Mobile

Another phone company advertises on metrocards: SimpleMobile chaep phone service.


Another double side advertisement on metrocards sponsored by There is also promo code to get one free download from that web site.


MTA Bus Time

MTA is slowly moving into digital age. This card represents possibility for passengers to send SMS with their location (intersection) or bus stop ID printed on bus schedule to 511123 number to get time of arrival of next bus.
This service first was introduced in the Bronx.

There are 2 versions: English and Spanish.


Gap: Be Bright NYC

This is the first ever metrocard with advertisement on both sides. This particular card has created lots of confusions because magnetic strip was not visible well enough as on regular metrocards.



Advertisement for low cost health insurance – HealthPlus. Metrocard was distributed on subway stations where people with low income live.


Bloomberg Administration put a lot of energy into reforming education system in New York. This metrocard promotes parent awareness about whereabouts of kids during school hours of the day.