Gap: Be Bright NYC

This is the first ever metrocard with advertisement on both sides. This particular card has created lots of confusions because magnetic strip was not visible well enough as on regular metrocards.



Advertisement for low cost health insurance – HealthPlus. Metrocard was distributed on subway stations where people with low income live.


Bloomberg Administration put a lot of energy into reforming education system in New York. This metrocard promotes parent awareness about whereabouts of kids during school hours of the day.


Once again MTA teams up with Mets to issue new version of the same theme to promote usage of public transportation to get to Mets games. This time also to commemorate 50th anniversary of Mets.


Domino’s Pizza

Metrocard with advertisement by Domino’s Pizza was distributed in outer boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens.


New series of Poetry in Motion started in 2012. All cards have logo of Arts for Transit. Those cards are reminder of posters with the same title sponsored by Barnes & Noble bookstore in the past.

German publishing house MarcoPolo has decided to create new type of travel book, which is more like a coffee table book than anything tourist will carry in the backpack or in packet.

They collaborated with artist James Rizzi who once was already featured with his work on metrocard issued by MTA in 1994.

The book itself is wonderful piece of work.

The first edition has circulation of 3,000.

It contains real MTA metrocard which can be taken off the book and loaded with money to use in transit in NYC. Book has 2 coupon to buy some Rizzi’s related stuff on, 2 CDs, baggage tags with Rizzi’s drawings, post cards and card with his autograph. I highly suggest to all collectors to buy the book rather than go to Ebay and buy cards ripped off.

Cover of James Rizzi book

Cover of James Rizzi book

Centerfold of the book with metrocard attached

Centerfold of the book with metrocard attached

Metrocard attached to the page close-up

Metrocard attached to the page close-up

In November 2011 MTA introduced ‘Select Bus Service’ on routes M34 and M16 in Manhattan. It allows customers to pay for the ride on the bus stop rather than in the bus itself which suppose to speed up boarding of passengers. There are plans to do the same in other boroughs as well. The first one was in the Bronx for route Bx12.


As MTA advertised they wanted to cut down to just one number customers can call to get any kind of assistance. This is similar to New York city number 311. And it is 511. It is second times MTA makes metrocard to promote usage of this number (the first one came out almost exactly one year ago).



MTA has new splash page when anyone access starting on Friday till Sunday (does not exist any more). It calls Weekender. This metrocard promotes usage of MTA website ( Anyone can see also link to that page on regular home page in breadcrumbs on right upper corner.