Trip Planner

MTA issued this metrocard to promote usage of it newly redesigned web site

MTA also issued a folded subway map with the same title.


In 2007 MTA issued for the second time metorcard to promote using public transportation to get to Mets games at Shea Stadium.


OEM set

Office of Emergency Management (OEM) of New York city set contains of 2 metrocards with exactly the same design and difference is one is in English and another in Spanish. Spanish version was issued in far less number than English one.


NFL Draft 2007

NFL Draft of 2007 was held at Radio City Music Hall on April 28-29, 2007.


APTA Conference 2006

American Public Transportation Association (APTA) held its annual conference in New York in 2006. Participants of this conference received metrocard. This is extremely rare metrocard.



MTV advertised its Video Music Awards 2006 held in New York on Thursday August 31, 2006.


This metrocard promotes usage of public transportation while going to the game at Shea stadium for Mets plays. MTA has issued leaflet.


Happy Holidays

In November 2005 MTA issued Happy Holidays 30-days unlimited metrocard with extension for 10 more days. So, that customers could start to use it on November 23 through January 1, 2006. Card was issued only as 30-days unlimited version. About 300,000 were made and less than half were sold. Unsold metrocards were destroyed. The rest were mostly abused and it is not easy to find this card in good condition. There have been a leaflet and a brochure published for the occasion.


To celebrate 100 years of motorbuses service in New York 6 metrocards set has been issued and sponsored by Channel 4 NBC and New York Post. To celebrate this event a brochure has been printed for transit museum.

Cards featured first woman bus driver Clarissa Dunham, 1905 5th Avenue coach (this card was also sponsored by General Electric), establishing NYC Transit, first air conditioned bus, first hybrid bus, and establishing Manhattan & Bronx Surface Transit Authority.

In February 2005 New York Transit Museum together with Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) held an exhibition of subway inspired accessories. For each participant there was issued metrocard. There was also published a brochure with detailed description and information about each designer participated in this event.