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Nick Cave Heard – NY

MTA continues to sponsor arts in subways and buses. On week of March 25-31, 2013 there is Nick Cave art installation and performance on Grand Central Terminal – “Nick Cave Heard – NY”. This installation was built as part of GCT Centennial celebration.


Artist Nick Cave was kind enough to autograph metrocard during the first performance:

Nick Cave

Nick Cave

Metrocard features clock on top of the Grand Central Terminal building as viewed from Park Avenue South facing building. Card has been issued as part of Centennial celebration of GCT.


Earth Day 2013

MTA re-issued set of 5 green metorcards from 2010 with new info for customer service contact.

New series of Poetry in Motion started in 2012. All cards have logo of Arts for Transit. Those cards are reminder of posters with the same title sponsored by Barnes & Noble bookstore in the past.

Transit Museum set

MTA started this series as promotion for Holiday season in 2010 and continue still. Original cards had circulation of 1 million.

In 2010 MTA introduced new design for metrocard purchased at JFK connection subway stations: Sutphin Blvd/Archer Ave and Howard Beach. The run of this metrocard is 10 million. However, since then MTA issued the same card with variations color, font, phone number and etc.