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December Holidays

This metrocard has been made but never been distributed. Reason is unknown. Card is very colourful and features all religious Holidays of December: Chanukah (12/13 – 12/21), Ramadan (12/19 – 1/18), Christmas (12/25), Kwanzaa (12/26 – 1/1) and Winter Solstice (12/22).

Health City set

Original Health City set contained 4 metrocards. But after set was issued and sold one more card was made with exact design but not having number on the left sidebar. All cards of the set were sold separately and have the same circulation of 50,000. The last card which is not officially part of the set had circulation of 20,000. There is also very interesting thing happened to card #4: it has 2 versions with slightly different images (see below). Each card but #4 has 2 sidebars (#4 has only left sidebar). On the left sidebar there is title of the set “Health City” and card number of the set. On the right bar there are valuable facts related to health of people of New York.



This card was issued for participants of APTA conference in New York by MTA. Card had a circulation of 6,000. At the same time it is known that some cards have expiration date in 2000, making it effectively that card was encoded in 1999 and not in 1998, so the question is if official number of issued cards is actually 6,000. This is very rare card to come by.


We Heal NY set

We Heal NY set of 2 cards was sponsored by Continuum Health Partners Inc . Each card was sold separately and has the same picture of doctors and nurses. Both cards had the same circulation of 50,000.

Set features Beth Israel and St. Luke’s Roosevelt hospitals.


In 1998 Sprint Communications Company sponsored set of 3 cards. 2 cards were in English and Spanish and one in English and Chinese. All cards were sold separately. English/Spanis cards have circulation of 100,000 and English/Chinese – 50,000.


Continental airlines sponsored all together 12 metrocards over the span of 3 years (actually one more is known but has never been released). All cards have dark blue background with stylized globe on the left and golden colored name of the company: Continental Airlines. Each card has been sold separately and has many different expiration dates.

1998 US Open Tennis tournament sponsored by American Express ‘The official card of the US Open’ metrocard is the first of cards features tennis and sponsored by AmEx. Card had circulation of just 40,000. Most likely it was given out to ticket holders at Tennis center in Queens. Matching leaflet has bee issued at the time.


Banana Republic Catalog: Open all night. Metrocard had circulation of 100,000 and is the first black and white design.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic

ABC Dharma & Greg

ABC sitcom Dharma and Greg metrocard has the same design as another ABC card ‘Spin City’. It features image of Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson. Card had circulation of 500,000.

Dharma & Greg

Dharma & Greg

Montrenx Jazz Festival held in New York in September1998 and was sponsored by Time Warner Inc. Card has circulation of 500,000.

Jazz festival

Jazz festival